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Enhanced Concrete Protection with Stratmore's Hardcoat: A Comprehensive Review

Updated: Apr 18

Hardcoat, a solvent-based acrylic resin solution, is expertly crafted for sealing surfaces such as concrete (both standard and coloured variations), masonry, and slate. Its primary functions include preserving surface cleanliness and preventing pigment leaching. Boasting exceptional UV and weather resistance, Hardcoat dries to reveal a sleek satin finish.



Hardcoat serves as a clear glaze, applied to concrete and masonry surfaces, offering weatherproof (not waterproof) properties. Its benefits extend to providing resistance against stains and dust, thereby contributing to the longevity of surfaces. Specifically designed to enhance the aesthetic appeal of concrete, Hardcoat withstands rain, sunlight, water, and grease, ensuring remarkable durability while maintaining colour retention and clarity. Notably, Hardcoat remains non-yellowing over time, preserving the pristine appearance of treated surfaces.


Applications - Concrete Protection with Stratmore Hardcoat

Concrete Protection with Stratmore hardcoat offers versatile application possibilities, extending its use to various substrates including footpaths, driveways, lock-ups, garages, industrial floors, and exposed aggregate, among others.


Hardcoat exhibits a wear pattern that is influenced by factors such as substrate type and traffic intensity. While it does undergo wear, it offers the convenience of being easily recoated as it is resoluble. The rate of wear is contingent upon the specific substrate and the nature of traffic it endures. Areas subjected to vehicle traffic, particularly those where wheels turn or where traffic is concentrated, such as driveways, may experience accelerated wear.

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